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Captain Lodi Speaking by Captain Marius Lodeesen

A superb piece of literature as well as a fascinating autobiography of a man who flew the Clipper flying boats, the great piston-engine flagships, and the first-generation jetliners. A much-sought airline classic now reprinted!  ?19.95


White Gloves To Washington: A Capital Experience by Pat Powers Rothacker

Delightful anecdotes, told with great flair and humour, of a former Capital Airlines stewardess.   ?19.95


Pictorial Series



Eastern - An Airline and its Aircraft

This is a tribute to one of America's great airlines which, in its best years, was the largest in the world.  In addition to recalling the glitter of the Great Silver Fleet, and introduction of the Air Shuttle, This account also includes rare glimpses of the airline's ancestors Florida and Pitcairn, and of its acquisitions, Wedell-Williams, Ludington, Colonial, Mackey and Caribair.  This book is a cornucopia of colour.        ?24.95


De Havilland Comet - Davies & Birtles    

The  year 1999 marked the 50th anniversary of the dramatic first flight of the de Havilland D.H. 106 Comet airliner.  Since then, the world never looked back.  This book pays tribute to the beautiful aeroplane.  The Comet changed the course of air transport progress and in spite of the problems it encountered, will still, on the wings of the derivative Nimrod (the same wings in fact, as those on the first Comet), fly into this millennium, more than half a century after it took to the air.

PRICE ?19.95


Charles Lindbergh - An Airman,  His Aircraft and His Great Flights -  Davies & Machat
Now, in the 72nd year since the great flight to Paris, here is a book that portrays not only the hero, but his aircraft in detail, and dwells on the pioneering flights to the Far East, South America and his military missions.

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Berlin Airlift - The Effort and the Aircraft - Provan & Davies

Examines the events that led to the Berlin blockade, the airlift solution, aircraft and personnel. Includes photos (30 in colour), many from private collections, and illustrations of aircraft and air routes.

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Lufthansa -  An Airline and Its Aircraft - Davies & Machat

Germany's national airline, Lufthansa, traces its heritage to the earliest years of aviation. This book covers the early all-metal Junkers-F 13 of 1919, its direct descendant, the Junkers-Ju 52 that was built in greater numbers than any other transport other than the DC-3, the 1938 transatlantic Focke-Wulf Condor - all the way to the Airbus family of the 1980s.

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Trans Brasil - An Airline and Its Aircraft - Davies & Machat

Both in English and Portuguese. Portrays the multi-coloured fleet in every colour scheme. An historical background of the company and its intuitive founder, Dr. Omar Fontana. Mike Machat drawings depict the aircraft. Photos portray the beautiful aircraft and country.

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TWA - An Airline and its Aircraft - Davies & Machat

This book covers the entire 75 years of this great airline, from Western Air Express's Douglas mail-planes to the new Boeing 717s.  TWA created the Douglas twins, under Jack Frye; the Constellations under Howard Hughes; and is remembered for creating the first transcontinental passenger air route with the Ford Tri-Motors under Charles Lindbergh's planning direction. This book also includes some wonderful stories, many gleaned from the memories of veterans of this great airline.

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Aeroflot - Davies & Machat
This is a history of the Soviet airline that, in the latter 1960s, became the biggest in the world. This book records its pioneering efforts, including the development of the world's first transport aircraft in 1913, the world's first sustained jet airline service, and the world's first turboprop airliner. It describes the world's largest helicopters, the largest cargo jet aircraft, and much more. Aeroflot's historical record is presented fully here, and it is a great story.

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One Century of Aviation with Air France

This is a magnificent pictorial history of one of the world's greatest airlines.  The emphasis is on the 150 illustrations all of which help to complete this veritable cornucopia of aviation art.

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Airline Histories






Airlines of Latin America since 1919 -  R E G Davies

This notable book by a leading authority on the worlds airlines traces the development of air transport in all the countries south of the United States of America, including Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean and the whole continent of South America.

PRICE ?39.95


Airlines of Asia Since 1920 -  R E G Davies
Contains 250 photographs and 75 maps in support of 540 pages of text and 28 pages of comprehensive index. All countries are covered, from Afghanistan eastwards, Japan, Manchukuo, China, India and the Philippines. This is a complete reference book on the history of air transport that has transformed the economy of the world's largest continent.

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Airlines of the United States Since 1914 -  R E G Davies
Traces the whole story from those first tentative steps in 1914 up to the present when the U.S. air transport system still carries almost half of all the world's air passengers. Every development in airline progress is covered, from the exploratory pioneer days before the Air Mail Act of 1925 up to the development of modern airliners. Illustrated by almost 500 photographs that alone would provide a fascinating story.

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Airlines of Pan American Since 1927 - Gene Banning / R Davies
This is the complete account of the only airline in the history of commercial air transport that completely dominated the industry during four of its formative decades. Few could name more than a few of the people who created it. Here are hundreds of them - Zig Soldinski, the engineer of the DC-Two-and-a-Half, and Sampan Annie, who expertly docked the Clipper flying boats in Hong Kong harbour - just to name two.

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Air Transport Library





Earhart's Flight Late Yesterday

Many books have been written about the great aviatrix Amelia Earhart.  Many Theories have been advanced as to the cause of her disappearance as she piloted the Lockheed Electra into a Pacific dawn in 1937.  In this book the concentration on the evidence, with an emphasis on all the evidence and not a selection to support a particular theory.  The author was a naval cryptologist who become interested in the mystery while deciphering Japanese wartime code.  he presents the facts but leaves the reader to draw conclusions.  Some material is that has drawn little attention previously.  This is an intriguing addition to the Earhart library        ?19.95


Canton Island Aerial Crossroads at the South Pacific

During the development of air routes across the Pacific Ocean, the tiny island or coral atolls scattered along these routes became important staging points.  Wake Island, for example became well known when Pan American Airways chose it as a mid-ocean flying boat base during the 1930s.  During the Second World War, the Japanese occupied it.  Lesser known on the southern trans-pacific route was Canton Island.  Unlike Wake, it was never occupied, and it served as an important base for the U.S. Armed Forces as they back the enemy advance.  Its long and fascinating history is told in this book by a Pan American staff member who was stationed there during the war and researched its rich history.        ?19.95


Comets and Concordes - P Duffy

The author had the unique distinction of having been a pilot of the Comet 1 (the world's first jet airliner), the Comet 4 (the worlds first trans-Atlantic jet), and the Concorde (the world's only successful supersonic airliner). This autobiography covers a whole history of commercial flying, from the struggling post-war British charter airlines to the supreme level of supersonic training and check captaincy.

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The Long Way Home - Ed Dover

A Pan Am Boeing 314 flying boat was on its way to Auckland, New Zealand in December 1941. Unable to return via Honolulu, Captain ford and his crew flew westward and completed a hazardous journey round the world via Australia, Southern Asia, Africa and finally to New York, via Brazil.  The story of this legendary epic voyage is a good example of adventure during the pioneering years of intercontinental air transport.

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By Dead Reckoning - Ralph Lewis
The author spent 21,000 flying hours figuring out "where are we now and how do we get from here to there?" As a navigator, Lewis flew for United Air Lines and then Transocean. His anecdotes are 'a ripping good read'.

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Fallacies and Fantasies of Air Transport History - R E G Davies
The romance of airships and flying boats is still with us today, but with little talk of their inefficiency. Conversely, the pioneering Il'ya Muromets and the epoch-making de Havilland Comet have not been given the accolades they deserve. Today, supersonic projects are technical miracles but economic disasters. This book substitutes fact for wishful thinking in an examination of air transport.

PRICE ?19.95


Skygods The Fall of Pan Am - Robert Gandt

In 1966, Pan Am had reached the zenith of its wealth and influence. Under aviation pioneer Juan Trippe, the airline had risen from the muddy back-waters of Latin America to a place of pre-eminence in world commerce. Told from points of view of airmen and executives, Skygods gives the inside story on the demise of the world's most experienced airlines.

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Supersonic (airliner) non-sense - R E G Davies

The prospect of a huge market for a supersonic airliner has been a constant subject of vigorous promotion by various government and aircraft manufacturers. This book exposes the myth of an alleged market for a thousand or so SSTs. With well-researched data and cold-blooded arithmetic it demonstrates hat the true number is no more than two or three dozen.

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Pan Africa - Culbert & Dawson

Early in 1941, at a meeting in London with Winston Churchill. Juan Trippe, Pan Am's president, offered to upgrade the trans-African air route to reinforce the British in Egypt and the Allied forces in east Asia.  Compiled from official records and innumerable first-hand accounts and photographs form veterans of PAA-Africa, this account is proof that 90% of aviation is on the ground.

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The Company We Kept - Jay Koren
The author rose from part-time steward with a small charter airline to become Pan American Airways' first In-Flight Service Director. Read personal memories of his companion flight stories are sad, even tragic. Some are comical, even hilarious. All are entertaining and a valuable addition to the Pan Am record.

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Airline Pasionado - R Booth

Sub-titled Before, Braniff and After, this is the autobiography of a marketing man who has loved airlines all his life.  To quote Sir Freddie Laker; "I love it, I love it, what a change, a real live biography, humour, good luck, bad luck, good people, bad people, the truth, warts and all ... wonderfully detailed descriptions of friends, horses, boats, aeroplanes, sex and pub crawls. its a great story, no BS. by my standards its great."

PRICE ?19.95


Fasten Your Seat Belts! - Valerie Lester
This is the first history of an airline to be told from the viewpoint of its cabin crew. In hundreds of interviews, Pan Am flight attendants have recounted their personal dramatic, tragic, comic, and heroic stories. Covers exciting tales from WWII, the 1947 crash in Syria, the terrorism in Cairo and Rome, service in Desert Storm and much more.

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Poor Sailor's Airline - Gary Kissel

One of the best-known airlines today is Southwest Airlines, which was vigorously promoted by Herb Kelleher by unconventional, but highly popular, marketing innovations.  Often forgotten, however, is his predecessor, Ken Friedkin, who founded Pacific Southwest Airlines after the end of the Second World War, with a single chartered Douglas DC-3.  PSA was the daring innovator of rapid airport turn-rounds, accelerated reservations and ticketing procedures and above all a cheerful cabin environment that is remembered for the stewardess Service and the mini-skirted and hot pants uniform.  More than Anything, Californians remember the Smile, which conveyed the revolutionary idea that flying should be enjoyed.

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